Sunday, fun day, Pomelo Paradis day

I don’t usually like fresh, citrusy fragrances. I don’t usually buy fresh, citrusy fragrances. And I definitely don’t usually wear fresh, citrusy fragrances.

That is why Pomelo Paradis in an exception for me. In my whole perfume collection, I don’t think you can find more than 5 citrous aromas.

I got it from a trusted source, along with Amber Nue still from Atelier Cologne, to wear them together, because I thought they would mix very well. I actually didn’t wear the combination between the two of them, but wore them separately.

So, as the name says it, Pomelo Paradis smells like … grepfruit, manadarin and oranges. Also, you can perceive the mint in the middle notes and the amber in the base notes.

The perfume smells like a fruit salad, with whipped cream and mint leafs, eaten straight from the fridge, on a hot summer day, on the beach.

It is a light, breezy, fresh and refreshing scent, well suited for a hot summer day, outside the house, in the park, on the beach, with silky clothes and no worries in your head.

It’s a very happy perfume and it does really take you on a middle of the ocean island, with golden sands and turquoise water.   

It is a long lasting fragrance, not precious, not statement, but fun, easy to wear, definitely designed to make you happy and carefree.

So, even if you are like me and avoid fresh scents, you should give this one a try!