Another day, another Jo

I got Oud&Bergamot from Jo Malone three years ago, being one of my first two Jo Malone.

It is an intoxicating fragrance, a fresh wood if I might say. The structure is quite simple: orange, bergamot, lemon, cedar and wood. You can definitely smell the oud and lemon, and the final result is an intoxicating, string fragrance, that lasts for some time on the skin.

I find it quite manly, strong and overwhelming, but also suited for empowerment on a day you need to tone down the lady-ness in you. I wear this one with shirts, cufflinks and ties, A-line skirt, all in black and white. It settles quite nice on the skin, a bit powdery sweet.

It is not an easy to wear aroma, for a woman, but perfect for a man. It is a statement fragrance, that can easily ruin an outfit or a first impression, if it is not placed on the right attitude.

On thing about Jo Malone perfumes is that you can wear it in different combinations, layered, mixed together on inspiration or on a scheme that the house suggests.

Even if it is worthy of the niche tag, I advise against a blind buy. Try it on, see how your chemistry is, and than make the purchase. And after all that, just enjoy it!