Tuberose again and again

Today was another tuberose day for me. I chose to wear at work Majestic Tuberose from Korloff, which I got as a gift from a dear friend of mine, a true tuberose scented fragrances fan.

This is another successful tuberose fragrance, medium priced, that smells exactly as it should.   

In the opening, it’s a bit spicy, but settles down so nice on the skin.

The notes are a bit contrasting, the three layers being spicy, flowery and sweet. First notes of mandarin, cardamom and pink pepper give a spicy scent, in a concentration just perfect – not overwhelming, not intoxicating. The middle notes, the flowery ones, are tuberose, ylang-ylang and cloves, a perfect combination to enhance the tuberosa. The sweet base notes of cashmeer wood, sandal and patchouli give a powdery sweetness, transforming the fragrance in a delicate aroma on the skin.

The down side is that, on my skin, is not a very long lasting fragrance, more like a medium one, that I need to reapply after two or three hours.

If you like tuberose fragrances, but you don’t fancy the intoxicating aroma, that Majestic Tuberose it is perfect, because is quite delicate.