The Iconic Mademoiselle

There are some fragrances I find hard to write about, because they fit in the category of iconic perfumes, that should be in every collection. I’m talking about fragrances that wrote the perfume history, fragrances that need no presentation.

Mademoiselle Coco from Chanel is one of them. I go this one as a gift from my mother in law. It’s the travel edition, split in three bottles.

The classic elegance of Chanel is present in every detail. The box is pearly white, with golden letters and the bottle is a small delicate pearly white refillable twist and spray container. It is very useful because you can carry it around with you, without burdening your purse :).

The scent is definitely iconic, special and in the Chanel spirit.

It opens up with citrusy notes, followed by flowery sweet ones, blending perfectly on a complex base of tonka beans, patchouli, vanilla, musk, opoponax and vetiver.

This fragrance is a perfect accessory for a lady like outfit, for work or a night at the theatre or opera. The overall result is spicy-sweet, intoxicating and complex. It’s a perfect match for a pearl necklace and a long velvet black dress.

It is definitely a statement perfume, like all others from Chanel, that every collector should own.