Roses Berberanza

I find it very difficult to write about the fragrances I love the most. For me, it is easier to simply love one fragrance and enjoy it on my skin than to speak about it. Roses Berberanza from Maison Lancome is one of them. 

This one came as an obsession to me. I smelled it for the first time right after it was launched, in the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. I found it amazing, but quite expensive – 180 euro, so I chose to postpone the buy.

I felt the aroma all the way back home and really regretted not buying it. Searched for it online, nowhere to be found that would deliver to Romania. In my next trip outside the country, in Barcelona, I promised myself that I will buy it. I didn’t get it in the shops in the city, because I said I would buy the perfume in the airport. There, surprise: the terminal for non-Schengen countries is totally separated from the duty-free shops, so another missed chance for me. Got home, done the research online, same result. I even asked a colleague of mine, who’s wife works at Lancome Romania. And than, another friend of mine had to take an emergency trip to Dubai, for a tragic family matter. I asked him if he could buy this perfume for me, when he returns, from the airport. So, one night, at 2 AM, I got my beloved fragrance, on 10th of April 2018, after almost one year of frantic search.

I love everything about this one. The white velvety box with golden embroidery, the crystal clear bottle, with the same golden embroidered metal plate. The overall image is of preciousness, wealth, money well invested, elegance and opulence.

The fragrance is divine. An intoxicating sweet, overwhelming scent, a nectar of gods, smelling like nothing else I have tried before in my life.

The single Tangerine top note gets perfectly blended in the roses and raspberry middle notes, completed with ginger, greens and pistachio. It settles down on the skin like a raspberry and roses jam, creating a sweet gourmand scent.  The complex base notes of benzoin, cedar, hazelnuts, honey, rum, saffron, wood, vanilla and violets complete the mix, making this scent uniquely intoxicating.

It is a fragrance suited for cold days and nights, for an elegant outfit. I see it on a mature and empowered woman, that it is not afraid of being noticed and that is capable of owning the audience. It is a statement fragrance, that stays in the memory of others and that it’s capable of creating an impression at the first glance.

It is not an easy to wear fragrance and it doesn’t create the comforting sensation that most of fragrances do. In my opinion, is the perfect illustration for what a niche perfume should be.

If you are tempted by it, don’t blind buy. Try it on the skin, leave it for few hours, and than decide, because it is also quite expensive. On the other hand, if you love it, it will easily become your signature scent.