A cute sunset, an Escada sunset

If I were to describe Escada Taj Sunset in just one word, than it would be “cute”.

I’m not a big fan of Escada fragrances, because I find them not special nor interesting. This one, I won in a lady’s magazine contest, back in 2011, when it was launched.

It is a sweet fragrance, not much to say about it. It is not special or statement, just a very good fragrance for everyday wear, in the park or at the beach.

It is mostly fruity, opening with mango, nectarine and blood orange notes. From the middle notes of lotus, water lily, raspberry and star apple, you can feel the apple, that mixes well with the musk, sandalwood and coconut from the base notes. This mix of fruits makes the fragrance sweet gourmand, like a fruit salad in a hot summer day.

On the other hand, the presentation is very nice. The water lily drawings on the box and bottle are elegant and fun and the colors used really reveal a sunset.

Since it was a special edition, it was discontinued, making it valuable for a collector.