Raspberry in a bottle

What better way to add some joy in a day spent at home cleaning and cooking, than adding a bit of a gourmand fragrance to your skin?!

I spent my Saturday as Cinderella in the kitchen and around the house, cooking, vacuuming and arranging clothes. Nothing fancy, nothing sparkling of joy. At some point, during the day, I felt the need for some energy and fun boost, so I went and put on my lovely Burberry Her.

I loved this one since it hit the markets. It is sweet, floral-fresh and very gourmand.  Her is a creation of Francis Kurkdjian, and it was the first perfume from Burberry after launching the new house logo.

It is not a precious fragrance, but it is a fun one, suited for all day wear. It opens with a cocktail of summer fruits, like a fresh fruits salad, mixed with some lemon and mandarine orange. The base notes are woody sweet and delicate, keeping the summery fresh scent intact.

The bottle I have came as a gift from a dear friend and colleague of mine. She didn’t like it that much and I think she felt sorry and gave it to me, because every time I walk by her desk I would smell it.

So, if you want a nice perfume, for everyday wear, that is sure to lift your spirit, try Burberry Her. It will do the job.