Magie Noire all day


Another classic that every perfume collector should own is Lancome’s Magie Noire.

So many things to say about this one and, at the same time, no presentation needed. Launched in 1978, the fragrance changed the design, but the formula is still perfect. Although it feels so luxurious, it is so wearable, reminding of a time in which perfume was as precious a diamond piece of jewelry.

Magie Noire is perfect for a mature woman, with a classy attitude, elegant and self aware.

The fragrance is a sweet floral aroma, with a very complex structure. It opens with seven floral-fruity notes, followed by eight sweet notes in the middle and a woody-sweet ten base notes.

It is definitely an iconic fragrance, that I love to own, not only for the aroma, but for what it symbolizes in the perfume industry history. If you like classics, like Chanel no. 5, Opium or Samsara from Guerlain, than you will, for sure, love Magie Noire.