My wish came true

Do you know that type of elegant smell you can feel on some ladies? That sweet, powdery, a bit intoxicating smell of perfume clean skin elegant outfits leather and tobacco? Well I always wanted to smell like that and no matter How many fragrances I have tried, cheaper or expensive as a diamond I could not re-create that obsessive smell on me.

Well at least not until now a couple of months ago I blind buy Chopard’s Brilliant Wish, from parfimo. It is a 30 ml tester for which I paid about five euros or dollars.

It has almost nothing in common with the classic wish we all know and love or hate.

The perfume was launched back in 2010. It has a simple structure, with only seven components. First notes are pink pepper and fruity notes. Unlike in other fragrances in this one the pink pepper is very well blended and you cannot feel it disturbing. Middle notes are Starjasmine and Violet leafs, giving that sweet , well integrated aroma. Base notes are amber, musk and woody notes, making it a medium to long lasting fragrance.

This is a perfume suited for a mature woman that works in an office and  dresses elegantly. It is well-suited for work or for a night out and I find it quite good for all season wearing. I don’t find it as a statement perfume, but it is a very good one.

Also, the iconic diamond shaped bottle should be present in every perfume lover collection.