A different type of Diesel fuel

Last month was my father’s birthday and I, obviously, got him a perfume. He is a discreet person, a normal over sixty years old man, not into fashion or fragrances.

This year, I have decided to get him Diesel-Fuel for life, because it’s a nice fragrance, for someone practical, that doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd.

I really love this perfume, because is a combination of sweet and fresh, not overwhelming, not glamorous, just great for a usual day. It was launched all the way back in 2007, and this is the reason why now it’s very affordable.

If you look at the combination of notes, you could think the fragrance is very lady-like, but that is not true. The mix of grapefruit, anise, lavender and raspberry, blended with the base notes of woods and heliotrope create a very manly result. It actually takes me back to the Marlboro cigarettes adds aired in the nineties, with strong and determined men, riding horses or taming wild animals.

The bottle I got from Best Value is the 50 ml eau de toilette. The perfume has an interesting bottle, because the glass is wrapped in a beige canvas, giving it a rough appearance. Although is the eau the toilette, it is quite long lasting and strong.

If you want a day to dat fragrance, not precious, not statement and not expensive, than Fuel for life is a great choice.