I think I’m a monkey

From time to time, I get obsessed with certain smells you can find in nature. My latest obsession, that started more than a year ago, is banana. Besides this one, i’m obsessed with linden, coffee and cinnamon.

Going back to the banana obsession, I started looking for perfumes that smells like banana and this was a difficult quest.

I managed to find cosmetics that smells like banana: shower gel, body cream, soap bar, from The Body Shop and Nala, but no body spray or perfume.

So in my quest for finding the perfect banana in a bottle, I came across Demeter or The Library or Fragrances house. Part of their collection is sold in Romania on different websites, but the banana was not available so I had to order it from the EU website. I was a bit nervous because I placed the order during the peak of the pandemic in Italy and I didn’t know how much it would take for me to receive my order. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got the package it in approximately a week. And because I don’t like paying taxes, I ordered more products. So for €80 I got three bottles of perfume, two shower gels and two body creams taking advantage of the offers on the website.

Going back to Banana Flambé fragrance, I have to say that it is a perfect reproduction of the real smell. You can feel the banana, the sugar, the cinnamon and even the smell of the crust that is formed on the banana during the frying process.

Banana flambé it’s a happy, sweet, extremely gourmand and joyful aroma, perfect for summer day.

What’s nice about The Library or Fragrances perfumes is that you can combine and layer two or more to obtain your own personalized fragrance. They are very affordable and this is why for a decent price you can make your own unique fragrance or you can have a new fragrance every day just by combining their aromas. So, try them on and buy them all!