Come closer

Another inspired blind buy for me was Close up from Olfactive Studio. I got this one from Best Value, with a 35% discount, because it had a little flaw of the plastic wrap.

I knew the house, but not particularly this fragrance so I made a little research on-line and decided I had to have it.

The components of this one are: coffee, spices and cherry on top, white tobacco, patchouli, atlas cedar and roses in the middle and amber, musk and tonka beans ase base notes.  The overall effect of this one is fantastic: a sweet, intoxicating liquor, strong and very long lasting, with a boost of sexiness and confidence from the first spray. It starts sweet, but it settles a bit harsh on the skin.

The smell takes my imagination in a room with leather couches, cigars, cognac and decadence. In my mind, I associate it with that image in Eyes Wide Shut, when Tom Cruise enters the ball room, with the velvet black cape and golden mask on.

It is well suited for both men and women and for all season wear, despite the sweetness and the overwhelming effect. It is a very sexy perfume, that is sure to intrigue others.