On this day …

… three years ago, I’ve discovered Opera … not the music but the fragrance. Opera belonged to the Sospiro collection. In 2019, all the fragrances in this collection became Xerjoff, undergoing some improvements in the bottle design. The perfumes remained the same, keeping their names and colors.

Opera really is an work of art. From the box to the fragrance, the presentation suggest only elegance. I got mine from Obsentum, three years ago, after having already bought Erba Pura and Ouverture from the same collection.

The box is a combination of purple, black and gold, with a texture of brocarde and the logo of the collection embossed. I particularly like the two withe and golden stamps that seal the box on the sides. The bottle is a black velvet vase, with a golden crown as a cap.

And then, the fragrance…oh, the fragrance is so precious. It opens up with an explosion of delicate sweet rose and fruits, followed by the ylang-ylang, ambergris, leather and nutmeg, all perfectly blended with base notes of patchouli, cedar, vetiver, musk and vanilla. The elements are so perfectly mixed together and the final effect on the skin is a sweet, a bit gourmand, a bit powdery and a bit overwhelming scent, that lasts and lasts on the skin.

It is an elegant perfume, suited for a confident and strong woman, that is not afraid to make a statement through her perfume. Opera is perfect for office work and also for nights out, maybe for a night at the Opera, with velvet dress and pearls or for a romantic dinner with the loved one.

If you find it expensive, you could try Ange ou Demon from Givenchy, the classical version, because Opera is the upgraded version of it.

Try it, see if it is a match and invest in it. It will not disappoint you!