A summer rain in a bottle

I was planning on writing about another perfume, but seeing a picture of Bergamotto di Calabria on Perris Monte Carlo Instagram page, inspired me to write about a perfect citrusy fragrance.

If you like fragrances that are fresh and sporty and perfect for the summer, then Bergamotto di Calabria is the perfect choice. Mine was a blind buy, from a trusted source, a few years back, when I actually discovered the house.

I simply love Perris Monte Carlo’s boxes and bottles. All so simple and elegant. Bergamotto, from the Italy Collection of the house, has a white box with a texture like brocard, with elegant golden letters, a pattern that repeats itself on the bottle, like a lace layer. I also love it because it is a narrow bottle and takes little space on my shelf.

The notes are citrusy flowery fresh, reminding of a fruit salad eaten cold on a hot summer day. After the explosions of bergamot in the beginning it settles down quite flowery sweet on the skin making it a fragrance easy to wear.

I see it perfect for a walk on the beach, with a silky dress and the wind in the hair. I also think it’s suited for men’s wear. The smell reminds me of that clean warm skin after a shower or after walk in the summer rain, in an orange and lemon tree garden. 

It is also perfect for layering with heavy sweet gourmand fragrances.

If you are pretentious and don’t like a wide range of smells, I advise you to try it on before buying. It is not your usual citric perfume, nor your usual combination of jasmin, sandalwood, vetiver and musk.

Even if I find it an all age suited perfume, it is definitely not an all taste perfume.