A nice cheapie

Every time I visit my parents, I try to bring them small presents. The last one I got my mother was a perfume, which I find very nice and a very good deal.

I got her Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue NYC, from Best Value, at a great deal. I got the 75 ml EDP at 15 euro, so it was a bargain.

The perfume was launched by the house in 1996 so it is safe to say it’s a classic. The fragrance has a complex structure with 20 elements most of them floral and sweet notes.

The components are very well blended and the overall effect is one of an elegant, timeless fragrance, but not in the overwhelming way that other classics like Chanel or Guerlain are.

It is also quite long lasting, and tones down in a bit sweet-powdery scent.

It is very well-suited for the lady in her 40s or older that likes being elegant and coquette.

It’s a perfect perfume for a gift: elegant, classic, well known and affordable.