The absolute fragrance

I am not a “perfume trends victim”, quite the contrary. In buy cheap or expensive, mass market or niche, famous or not known, from recommendation or for the list of ingredients. I’m not one that follows trends in perfumery, but I get curious.

Although Portrait of a Lady was launched in 2010, I have discovered it two years ago, on a colleague of mine that was wearing it and the smell drove me crazy every time we saw each other.  I started obsessing with the fragrance and I finally got it.

For me, it is the absolute fragrance, that I can’t get enough.

It is an overwhelming scent, strong, but feminine, empowering and perfect for a boost of confidence.

The mix of notes is perfect, so well blended, that creat an overall effect of sweetness.

It opens up a bit woody-oily on my skin. The notes are so perfectly blended, that all I can perceive is a mix of all elements. In the top notes, we have: Clove, cinnamon, rose, black currant, raspberry. In the middle notes, there are Sandalwood, patchouli and incense, and the base notes are Musk, amber, benzoin. The overall effect has a bit of incense, a bit of musk and cinnamon.

It is a very long lasting fragrance, that tones down beautifully, not changing the smell, just becoming more discreet.

It is perfect for every day wear, mostly at work or at a business cocktail. For some reason, I don’t find it appropriate for a party, a dinner out or a reception, because I prefer for those type of events scents more delicate and flowery.

Portrait of A Lady is the definition of niche perfume and it is worth every penny. It can also become very easily a signature scent  for a woman. And if you love Portrait of a Lady, you will also love Porpora from Tiziana Terenzi, a perfect match.