Another classic that every perfume collector should own is Lancome Hypnose. The fragrance was launched all the back in 2005 and it was a hot since it’s launch.

Hypnose it’s sweet and warm, delicate and feminine, candy like and also very serious.

The composition is very simple, having passion flower as a top note, jasmin and gardenia as middle notes and vetiver and vanilla on the base.

The overall effect is one of vanilla sugar, with the notes very well blended. It is very gourmand, like a cake filled with vanilla cream or like a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a hot a summer day.

I think is a all season perfume, very suited for work or leisure and also suited for various ages and stages in life.

It is also a good deal, it’s cost being very low for the quality of the product. Mine was a great deal from Best Value, during the emergency state, and the 50 ml EDP was about 30 euro. I also have the Hypnose Sense special edition, that I won few years back in a contest and which is nothing like the classic one.

If you find a good deal, do not hesitate in buying this one.