Sweetness overload

How can I describe the most edible fragrance I found until now in my olfactive journey?!

It is a perfume I blind bought during the state of emergency, from Parfimo. What initially attracted me to Reminiscence Dragee from Les Notes Gourmands collection was the elegant, vintage like bottle.

The white and gold bottle, with the satin bow on top, instantly gave me a craving for sugar candies.

The notes that I read about are Mandarin Orange, Petitgrain and Cardamom on top. The middle notes consist of Almond Blossom, Orange Blossom and Plum. The base notes, that seal the mixture of sweetness are Musk, Vanilla and Cedar. The elements are perfectly blended together, creating the perfect cake shop aroma. Every time I’m wearing the scent, I feel like I’m a walking almond, orange and vanilla cake, with sugar frosting.

Although it is very sweet, this fragrance is not overwhelming and I like to wear it during hot summer days, rather than when is cold. Also, the perfume is medium to long lasting, and the sillage is just perfect: not to strong, not to weak.

The collection consists of affordable scents and if you are into sweets, than you should really gave it a try!