Feeling Puzzle-ed

I got my first Micallef as a blind buy from a Facebook group of perfume lovers.

Puzzle no.2 is a floral woody musky unisex fragrance.

It opens up floral and a bit sweet and then it tones down to a woody a bit oriental aroma.

The top notes are grapefruit and redcurrant, that give the fragrance that summery note. The middle notes are flowery, from geranium, jasmine and vanilla orchid, giving it a delicacy that most of Micallef fragrances have. The base notes are the ones that give the fragrance that oriental flavor.

I did not have the chance to fell it on a male subject, but I’m very curios of they way it would settle.

Unfortunately, on my skin, the fragrance is medium lasting, but that doesn’t mean it is not a great scent, perfect to wear at work, with and office outfit, on a spring or fall day. The overall effect takes me in a gentle sunny autumn day, with golden leafs falling of trees.

Another thing that I really like is the elegant bottle, with just one puzzle piece on it, in a bronze metal.

This great scent is only available right now on ebay or amazon and it was only for a few years on the market, being launched in 2014. If you come across it somewhere, give it a try, even for a sniff.