On a day like this

This past weekend, I did something I never thought I would: I got married! Being overwhelmed by all the emotions and preparation stress, I was really incapable of choosing what fragrance to wear. I didn’t think that any of them are special enough to accompany me on this special day. So, my choice of fragrances for the ceremony and party were perfectly random.

For the civil ceremony, that took place in the morning, I chose a fragrance that I have worn once before. I took from the shelve Mon Parfum Gold from Martine Micallef. I cannot explain my reasons, I just felt it was an appropriate perfume for a bride. It might have been the black and gold box, or the gold bottle with black crystals that attracted me…or it might just have been the sweet, suave flowery scent.

When I got this perfume, back in July, I had no idea that I was going to get married, let alone I had planned to wear it on that day. I got this one from Obsentum simply because I liked it. I actually hesitated between Micallef and Amouage Opus VII.

Mon Parfum Gold from Micallef is a delicate oriental floral perfume, with an interesting mix of notes. It starts with plum, pink berries and tangerine,  followed by orrange blossom and jasmine. Base notes are vanilla and musk, all mixed together so well that the final result is a suave, creamy and quite gourmand scent. It’s very ladylike, not strong, not overwhelming, but long lasting and with a good sillage.

Most of the reviews say that it is a woody unisex fragrance, but I say it is far from it. It smells like an exotic sweet flower, definitely a woman scent.

Besides wearing it to this event, I highly recommend wearing it to work or on a night out, because it is very complementary to one’s elegance.

If you are into sweet fragrances, Mon Parfume Gold is also a safe blind buy. I also recommend buying it from the Micallef website, because you can find there a lot of offers and goodies: personalized bottle and box, discount codes for future orders and free samples.