It’s my party

For the second part of my wedding day, at the party, again the choice of fragrance was accidental. Maybe it was because of the colors om the box and bottle, the same gold and black combination, or maybe the fact that I had the fragrance for about six months and it was still sealed.

I loved Wood Mystique from Estee Lauder for some years now and when I found a good offer for it few months back, at Best Value, I did not hesitate to buy it.

For the party, I wanted more of a signature scent, and Wood Mystique definitely fits the criteria.

The fragrance is a sweet, ambery, woody fragrance, a bit dark, a bit oriental, hard for me to fit it in just one category. It is also a bit soapy and creamy, and it changes very nice from top notes to base ones.

The first notes of pink pepper and peony are perfectly blended, giving just enough spice to the fragrance. Middle notes bring an explosion of flowers, a combination of iris, jasmine, ylang-ylang, roses and mimosa, giving it that floral sweetness. All that settle down in a layer of woods and herbs: patchouli, virginia cedar, benzoin, oud, leather and raspberry, giving a a dark and oriental depth to this fragrance.

I think it is a perfect fragrance for all season wear, a bit mature, but perfect for work or for a special event.

If you want it, I advise to try it on first, because some might be disturbed by the pepper notes you can feel in the bottle or at a first spray. But those settle quite nicely just after few minutes.

All in all, it is a great fragrance, worthy of the money spent and definitely worthy to be collected.