Figs on a leaf

I’m really not into green or fresh scents, but Figue by Molinard it’s a nice exception.

I bought this during the emergency state, as a blind buy, from Parfimo. I have to admit I was expecting something sweet, like the fig fruit. The fragrance is actually a green, unisex and a bit harsh scent, very suited for a hot summer day.

Somehow, the combination of notes, make it a mix of sweet fresh green scent, settling down in a sweet woody scent with a bit of spice.

Top notes for this one are lemon, black currant and figs, so the opening is green-fresh. The lemon is very prominent and long lasting. I actually have the feeling that it smells like lemon and figs leafs rubbed against the skin, completed by the middle notes of other green leafs.

Middle notes, which add a bit of floral, are jasmin sambac and other flowers. All of them settle on a layer of amberwood, cedar and musk, giving a strong enough depth and sweetness, not nauseating or disturbing.

Although I’m wearing it, I find Figue more suited for a male figure, because it is harsh, with no delicacy, strong and unrefined.

If you are into sweets, florals, oriental or gourmand, than Figue is not for you, unfortunately, because it’s a great scent, somewhat unique.