It’s a classic for every perfume addict collection.

This Estee Lauder fragrance was launched back in 1991 and quickly became a success, remaining until today a great fragrance and a great deal.

The fragrance is a delicate, oriental, floral aroma, with a bit of powder, that makes it an elegant choice for a lady.

As most of fragrances launched back then, the structure is very complex and complete, having no less than 23 compounds: fruits as top notes, flowers in the middle and wood and resins in the base. The fragrances starts sweet and fruity, but not gourmand, and it continues to settle down a bit woody-sweet, but delicate, creamy and powdery, not overwhelming or disturbing, just soft and elegant.

This one is definitely classy, seductive and empowering, suited for a mature woman, very aware of herself and her strength. I don’t think is a day to day perfume, but more like a special occasion one. Surely it can become one’s signature scent. Don’t blind buy, try it on first, but definitely try it, because it’s worth every penny spent.