The banana obsession

As I was saying in a previous post, I have developed quite an obsession with banana flavored cosmetics and fragrances.

During the emergency state, I have ordered two fragrances that smelled like bananas, after a thorough search, from The Library of Fragrance. One was Banana Flambee and the other is Plantain. I actually got two bottles of this one, because they had an 2 for the price of 1 offer.

As the name says, Plantain smells like ripe  golden bananas, sweet and gourmand, very well suited for a careless day. The aroma is quite natural and it doesn’t change the smell from top to bottom, just tones down in intensity and gets very creamy.

What is nice about Demeter fragrances, and other similar, is that you can create your own personalized perfume by combining their single aroma fragrances. There are countless combination one can make with their fragrances.

The only problem is that it is medium lasting, so it needs reapplying during the day, but it is an affordable product, so the budget is safe.

If you are looking for simple, natural fragrances or want to play with aromas, than The Library of Fragrance is the perfect choice.