Tinhare – cream and powder

A big part of my fragrances were blind buys, but this is easy for me, because I love most of the fragrances available out there.

Le Couvent the Minimes House was another lucky discovery when I got a sales newsletter from Douglas. I did not need many recommendations or reviews because I saw the creators name and it was sufficient: Mr Jean Claude Ellena.

The fragrance is a powdered creamy sweet mix of elements, similar to Baccarat Rouge, but with some highlights on the notes mentioned. The structure is simple and linear, with mandarin orange, jasmin, woody notes and vanilla, so well blended, that the overall effect is one that lasts and doesn’t change, just tones down.

Tinhare wraps the body in a sweet powder, creating an appealing and warm scent. It’s like a cosy veil that soothes and comforts, taking all the cares away. It is a very comfortable perfume, suited for every day wear, maybe a bit mature and oriented towards connoisseurs, but not restrictive. Also, the vanilla gives it a little gourmand touch, just enough to make you think of a candy shop, but not nauseating.

Although it is quite affordable, the niche elegance is present in the design and attention for details. Mine was a great deal, around 40 euro for 50 ml of eau de perfume, a scented candle and an elegant box. It is also a perfect option for a gift.