The red Alien

For a perfume lover, hearing the word alien means only one thing: Thierry Mugler’s Alien family. Actualy, for perfume lovers, words often mean different things and objects.

From the classic Alien, to the newest one, I love this family and the way it evolved.

Alien Fusion hit the market in 2019 and it is another fantastic creation of Dominic Ropion and Fanny Bal.

The simple structure, with only six components, creates the oriental spicy version of Alien classic. Although it is spicier, I think it’s less overwhelming and easier to wear. It starts with ginger and cinnamon, followed by orange blossom and tuberose, all settling on a layer of amber and vanilla.

The elements are perfectly blended, so I cannot individualize them, but the overall effect has that powdery sensation, very specific to the Alien line.

The fragrance is perfect for days from autumn to spring, from sun rise to sun set, at work or on a date. Keep in mind though that Alien is a mature fragrance, more suited for a mature woman than a young girl.

All in all, Alien, in whatever edition, is a must for a perfume collector.