Summer vibes in the city

With the summer almost over and the Tuberose season in place, there is another great tuberose fragrance one should not miss.

I have to say first that I’m not a big fan of Tom Ford fragrances. I don’t really like the Orchid line, nor the high end ones. The Orchid fragrances are way to intoxicating for me and the high end are way to soft.

Despite that, Orchid Soleil is something different. Although the opinions about this one are split, some loving the fragrance and some really hating it, I actually like it.

Orchid Soleil is definitely a summer fragrance, with a strong tuberose note, mixed with some cream, vanilla, lily and patchouli.

It is a gourmand sweet fragrance, a bit creamy, that brings the summer beach vibes to the city. It’s that smell you should feel when sitting on the beach, with a cocktail in one hand and a book on the other, and with the sun kissed skin, covered in a glowing bronzing oil. It is an optimistic and relaxing fragrance, suited for the beach or for a day at work when you want to dream and feel relaxed.

I would advise against a blind buy, because tuberose in fragrances are not for everyone. Despite that, Orchid Soleil is a great fragrance.