My obsession mood

From time to time, I discover a fragrances that becomes a short obsession. I put it on few times a day, smell it insatiably, wear it with everything and everywhere, no matter the rules.

Oud Satin Mood from Francis Kurkdjian is my latest obsession. This fragrances is my definition for a perfect fragrance. It is sweet, it is oriental, it is woody and it is spicy, all perfectly blended in a creamy aroma that fills the nostrils and lungs, with a creamy aroma.

You know that feeling when satin caresses the skin, that sexy sweet sensation of the fabric wrapped around your body? Well, that is precisely the feeling I got from Oud Satin Mood. A sweet sexy veil that gently touches my skin.

The fragrance was launched in 2015 and has two siblings: Oud Velvet Mood and Oud Silk Mood.

Notes for this one are: agarwood, bulgarian rose, benzoin, turkish rose, violet and vanilla, perfectly blended together.

This one could definitely be a statement perfume, both for men and women, for strong characters and powerful people. It can be overwhelming, nauseating and annoying because is very long lasting and strong. It is definitely worth trying, but not suited for a blind buy. It is also worth the money and the niche tag.