Summer essentials

I love the Tuberose flower scent. I love that sweet, intoxicating, creamy and overwhelmingly gourmand smell that late summer tuberose have. Despite my passion for this aroma, I couldn’t find, until recently, a fragrance that would perfectly capture all this emotions.

For so many years, I’ve been searching for the perfect tuberose fragrance, that, at some point, I even gave up and settle for second best.

Than, by accident, I discovered Nishane’s Tuberoza, which, for me, it’s the perfect tuberose scented perfume.

Nishane is a niche perfumery from Turkey, very successful and very appreciated. Tuberoza was launched in 2014 and it has a complex structure, that creates a linear effect, of plain and beautiful tuberose all the way. It opens up sweet and gourmand, from the ylang-ylang in the top notes, doubled by sweet orange, orange blossom and artemisa, creating a banana like effect. The explosion of sweet, tender tuberose follows right after, with gardenia, jasmin and marigold creating that creamy effect of a veil wrapping the body. Base notes are sweet also: amber, vetiver, sandalwood and musk, all blended perfectly with the tuberose. The perfume is very long lasting, has a perfect sillage and it has the potential of a signature scent.

It is that type of fragrance you cannot have enough of and creates an addiction and a need to smell it often and feel it on your skin, without getting nauseating or annoying.

When I wear it, it takes my instantly to a field of bloomed tuberose, in the hot summer days, making me want to breath with all my pores the perfect smell.

It is perfect for every day wear and for any situation: for traveling, for the beach, for work or for a hot night with the loved one.

If you are a tuberose lover, than it is a perfect fragrance, that is suited for a blind buy. If you want to discover tuberose scents or if you are not that much into tuberose, than try it on, see how you get along and than decide if you can spend your days together. In any case, don’t go around, just try!