The chase

I’ve been chasing La chasse aux papillons from some time when I finally found the extreme version on a Facebook group.

La chasse aux papillons extreme is a fruity fresh fragrance, perfect for the summer, with just the amount of sweet necessary.

L’Artisan Parfumeur launched this fragrance in 1999 and it is still on the market, as it was a hit and still is.

The fragrance is like a summer rain on a garden of peach trees and tuberose flowers. It is fresh, but not very, it is sweet, but not to much, it is fruity, but just in the perfect amount, and a little creamy, just to make it like a veil of refreshing silk on hot skin.

Don’t be fooled by the name, because there is nothing extreme about this fragrance. It is a very moderate and well balanced aroma, perfectly blended and medium lasting.

If you are looking for a fragrances that gives a good mood, perfect for hot summer days, for relaxed activities, than La chasse aux papillons extreme is the perfect choice. If you want a statement fragrance, that would make heads turn and questions to be asked, than you should get something else. This one is more of a perfume for yourself than for others.