Armani’s Way

I was planning to write about something else today, but seeing the hype with the new Armani fragrance, My way, I thought I should say what I think about it.

I got a free sample of My way from Sephora and I also tried it in the store. My first impression was: “I know that smell”, so nothing new to feel here.

I should start with the parts I loved about My way, which is the marketing campaign, very intense, with samples everywhere and lots of on-line adds. I liked this part maybe because it is the first launch in this difficult times that was exactly like before the pandemic, and reminded me of the beauty we lived in. This campaign actually made me feel like life is getting back to normal.

I like the bottle because I like the prive line, and the house wanted My Way to be a liaison between the exclusive line and the commercial one. I love the pink and dark blue combination, with the touch of gold on the cap.

And that is about all that I love in My way.

Regarding the scent, I find it to be just another tuberose and jasmin fragrance, with nothing special that would make it stand out from other hundred of tuberose and jasmin fragrance. At the first sniff, I get a little bit of bubble gum, that disappears quickly and that I think is from either the orange blossom or madagascar vanilla.

The fragrance has as top notes bergamot and orange blossom, followed in the middle by tuberose and indian jasmin, all layered on top of madagascar vanilla, white musk and virginian cedar. It is a white floral fragrance, perfect for summer wear, definitely for day to day, but nit suited for a signature fragrance or for a special event, because the fragrance has nothing special about it. For me, it is just a lighter version of L’Interdit from Givenchy.

If you are a fan of tuberose scents, than you should give it a try, but do it without high expectations.