The forbidden

As the cold weather approaches, I try to enjoy the last warm days to wear floral perfumes. As I said in a previous post, for me, the perfect tuberose perfume is Nishane Tuberoza. Close to it, I find L’Interdit from Givenchy to be a pretty good tuberose scent.

The new L’Interdit, launched in 2018, is a tribute to the iconic Givenchy fragrance launched in 1957, the signature scent of Audrey Hepburn. I don’t know the old version, but the new one is interesting. Between the creators is Dominic Ropion and the smell of L’Interdit kind of bears it’s signature, in the way that it has that depth and sort if smoky-ness I get from most of Ropion’s fragrances.

Although it smells like tuberose, orange blossom and jasmin sambac, L’Interdit is not really just another tuberose fragrance. It has something particular, that stands out. Maybe the patchouli and vetiver from the base notes give this one a certain depth.

Although it has pears and bergamot in the top notes, I don’t find it fruity or gourmand, and all it’s moderate sweetness comes from the flowers in the middle, but L’Interdit is not a flower bouquet. When it settles on the skin it actually has a bit of creamy-ness, not strong, but just enough to mellow the smoky-ness.

For tuberose fragrances fans, L’Interdit could be a nice challenge, an interesting variation from all other tuberose on the market. I don’t find it to be a safe blind buy, but more of a give it a try first.