There is a new shop in town

Saturday morning, I went to the opening of a new niche perfumery in Bucharest. Niche Parfumerie opened the doors for clients on Saturday morning, in Bucharest, at Calea Dorobanti no 111. It’s a small, delicate, very elegant shop, where you can find high end fragrances at affordable prices and a very pleasant service. All the info are extensive, with background on fragrence and houses present in the shop. You can find special brands, like: A lab on fire, Fragrance du Bois, Jeroboam, Masque Milano, Parfums de Nicolai, Paul Emilien, The House of Wood and many more.



Passing by, you can see a big white logo on the window that makes you think more of an art gallery than a perfume shop. On the wall at the entrance, a wooden work of art in the form of a nose welcomes the guests, that being the only suggestion of a perfumery you can see from the outside.


The shop is small and elegant, with white walls and discreet shelves, so your attention is only on the fragrances, sitting like small and precious works of art in a gallery.


I prefer to buy in small shops or on-line, because the olfactory journey is precious for me and it requires intimacy, a thing that you cannot have in a big, crowded shop.

All the fragrances in the shop are available also on-line at After sampling few of their fragrances and after a prolific week, in which I bought literally a tone of fragrances, I have decided to buy only a small bottle of Parfums de Nicolai – Odalisque, a 30 ml one, for which I got a free travel size bottle of Maharanih Intense in 15 ml.

If you are a perfume lover and pass through Bucharest, be sure to make a stop at Niche Parfumerie. You will not leave empty handed.