My French lover

Way to often, I fall in love with fragrances at the first sniff. Even though in my personal life I’m a very faithful partner, when it comes to fragrances, I’m such a cheater. This week, I have a french lover: Fracas by Robert Piguet.

Although the creator was a swiss citizen, his history is linked with Paris. The first Fracas was created in 1948 and it quickly became an icon for the fragrance world. After almost eighty years, Fracas is still a symbol and a must have for every collector. I got my first bottle just two weeks ago, from a Facebook group, and it instantly became an obsession for me.
It is a highly intoxicating fragrance and the formula from 1998 made it a very modern perfume.

It has a very complex composition, with 24 notes, quite evenly spread, from which I can feel a strong tuberosa, the jasmin, the orange blossom and the narcisuss. The perfume is an explosion of flowers, so overly dramatic, with a tuberose powder effect. It makes me think of an opera singer, on stage, with all the feelings put into one ending line. It is like a velvet robe on the skin. It is very elegant and mature, for a determined woman, that knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

The sillage and longevity are enormous for Fracas. It is also a perfect example for a signature fragrance.
It is not suited for a blind buy, but one should definitely try it on.