Arabian days
Arabian fragrances conquered the world market from years now. They are very high quality fragrances, strong, long lasting, some of them very affordable and some of them quite good replicas of famous brands.
Zahoor France by Ard al Zaafaran, the one I’m talking about in this post, is a sweet fruity fragrance with a bit of spice. A gourmand sugary aroma, with just a little bit of spice. From the opening, you can really feel the grapes, the pineapple and the jasmin. It is like a fruit salad in the middle of the summer, destined to enchant the taste buds. It’s like a jasmine bouquet in the middle of the table, while you enjoy the fruit salad.
Also, the sweetness in this lacy-corset bottle gives this fragrance a sexy twist.
The amber and musk in the base notes give a certain depth and a long life fir this one, making it a very nice fragrance. It is not special, it is not statement, but it is a perfect balance between the quality and price. It is a very wearable perfume, for day to day chores, that really does what a fragrance should do: make you feel better.