World heart day

On 29th of September, the world celebrates the Heart Day, the most important, complex and complete organ of a living body and the symbol of all feelings.

And what fragrance would be more appropriate for today than V3 from Map of the Heart?! Also, I have to explain a bit the pictures, because they were taken in a place filled with love and with a strong connection with one’s heart. I took the pictures in Bulgaria, in Balchick, at Queen Maria’s Palace. One of her last wishes, that was respected until a certain moment in history, was that her heart would stay to rest forever in the Palace. Unfortunately, after the Second World War, that was no longer possible, after the peace treaty granted Balchick to Bulgaria.



By taking the Map of the Heart with me, at the Palace, I have tried to bring an homage to a real Queen, know for her big heart and love for people.



Map of the Heart is an Australian niche fragrance house, with fragrances made in France. Besides the fragrances, the uniqueness comes from many aspects, starting with the name of the fragrances, a V followed by a number, each if the fragrances being described as a journey through our heart. Another divine feature is the unique bottle, that reproduces the shape of the human heart, in different colors, in either transparent or matte glass.


Red Heart is an explosion of fruits and sweetness, sexy and powerful, with just the perfect touch of spice.

The long lasting formula, has some interesting notes, like guava and olibanum in the middle. The fragrance opens with bergamot, pink pepper and apple, and for the ones like myself, that are not very fond of apple scent, is good to know that the apple is discreet and perfectly blended with the bergamot and pepper. In the middle notes, there are also tuberose and cinnamon, that you can feel just a little bit from the overall composition. All this are layered on a base note comprised from sandalwood, vanilla, musk and patchouli, which I all love.


is an interesting fragrance, maybe not exactly statement or signature, but definitely great on the skin. It is really perfect for the days between spring and summer or summer and fall, when the weather is cold in the morning and gets warmer through the day. It is a perfect fragrance for all day wear and for all activities, not heavy or disturbing, not nauseating or overwhelming. It is elegant, but also playful, not very mature, but definitely not childish.

For a collector, a Map of the Heart fragrance is a must, due to it’s story and presentation.