My Midnight Silhouette

Most of my fragrance purchases this year were blind buys and, to my luck, most of them were very successful ones.

At the beginning of the emergency state here, in Romania, while I was browsing through, I have discovered that Cristian Siriano also has a line of fragrances. To my shame, until that moment, I only knew his fantastic, out of this world dresses. So I got two of his perfumes, which were both very nice surprises for me.

Midnight Silhouette is a sweet-powdery boudoir fragrance, that starts off very similar to Ariana’s Grande Cloud and MFK’s Baccarat Rouge, but it quickly becomes a bit woody-gourmand, due to the pralines and musk in the base notes.

Top notes are Salt, Pomelo and Bitter Orange, but they fade very fast, so the overall effect is sweet, but nauseating. Middle notes are Immortelle and Freesia. The Freesia lingers on, mixing great with the sweets base notes, that have Vetiver, Musk, Pralines and sweet notes. So, the overall effect is a powdery-sweet-gourmand aroma, not new, not exceptional, but quite good for the price. The silage is good and the fragrance is medium lasting.

More than the aroma, I was seduced by the bottle, a black glittery bottle, following the shape of the famous dresses Cristian Siriano designs. The difference is that the dresses are precious and special, but the fragrance is only nice. I don’t feel that the fragrance is good for a special event, maybe for a night out in a club or for a date night, when you don’t want to scare the significant other with a strong or strange aroma. I don’t see it worn at cocktails or super elegant events, but more in the boudoir, because it has a sexy-sweetness. It has something in the soft warm skin after a long shower smell.

Overall, it is a good price/quality report and a nice every-day wear fragrance, but not a signature fragrance, but still, a safe blind buy. It also makes a nice gift, because it is an all taste fragrance, easy to wear. All in all, give it a chance, because you won’t be disappointed.