Xerjoff Shooting Stars Turin limited edition

Few weeks ago, I entered a contest on Xerjoff … that’s amore Group on Facebook, to win a limited edition of Turin Shooting Stars fragrance. By the grace of gods, stars, luck and Xerjoff Team, from one winner, we became six, because there was a tie.

I was actually hospitalised when Rafael Balarezo published the results in the group so it was such a perfect surprise for me. Since I have found out that I was one of the winners, I started to look up information and reviews of the fragrance, being curious about this one.

Before beginning my second review, because the first one is available on video, made at the very first sniff, I would like to thank Xerjoff Team and Rafael Balarezo for this opportunity and the for chance of owning such a special fragrance.

I was so nervous when I opened the box and really didn’t know what to expect, although I was sure I had in my hands a gem and my expectations were not deceived.

The perfume comes in the same Xerjoff magenta leather box, and, in addition, this one has a tag with the number of product, and the number of bottles made. Mine is number 418 from 999 bottles that were available only for a few days in the Xerjoff Turin shop or on Xerjoff Universe online shop. The box has also the Russian piece of iron meteorite, like every other fragrance from the Shooting Stars collection.

The bottle it’s engraved on the sides with a famous Turin building, La Mole Antonelliana. Actually, in the contest, we were supposed to guess sixteen tourist attractions from Turin. Why Turin? Because Turin is the home town of Xerjoff and where the brand’s headquarter is.

Last night, as also this morning, when I sprayed the fragrance on my wrist, I had the feeling of an well ripe  orange exploding near me. It was like a rain of orange juice drops fell on me. The fragrance opens with a single strong note of Brazilian Orange that quickly blend perfectly with the middle notes of Black Pepper and Neroli. You can actually feel both of them with the pepper being stronger but not overwhelming or disturbing, just adding the proper spice to the orange sweetness. When the middle notes start to fade, you can really feel the base layer kicking in. The final notes are: Madagascar Vanilla, Caramel, Haitian Vetiver and Gaiac Wood. The order I feel the notes are a bit different from the enumeration above. At first, I felt the Haitian Vetiver, a drop of Madagascar Vanilla and a salted Caramel. After a while, maybe one hour, the fragrance changes and becomes more gourmand, the Madagascar Vanilla, sweet Caramel and Gaiac Wood settle to say on the skin. The Madagascar Vanilla is a lovely spice, not so nauseating like normal vanilla, but sweet and discreet, and mixed with the caramel creates a delicate gourmand layer on the skin.

The interesting thing about Shooting Stars Turin is that it passes through different stages, from sweet fresh, to woody spicy and then, it remains a sweet gourmand long lasting fragrance. The silage for this one is great, and also it is a long lasting fragrance.

The overall smell made me think of an Italian coffee shop, in an autumn morning, on a busy and nosy street, with golden rays of sun and leafs dancing through the air. It quickly transported me on the narrow Italian streets, with music and happy loud people, with Vespa horns and elegant women with flower baskets in their hands. It also reminded me of how much I love Italy and of how many things I still have to see. I only hope that this troubled times will pass soon and we will be able to travel free and careless again, because I definitely need to pay a visit to Turin and join the Xerjoff Universe.