The Devil’s work rather than the Angels’ Share

Black Friday started for me with a hunt for Angels’ Share. Obsentum, a niche perfumery in Romania, had a 35% discount on any purchase from the website or from their shops, just for 24 hours. When I got on-line, the Angels’ Share was already out of stock, so Friday morning, just when the nearest shop opened, I went to get my fragrance. But, surprise: there is just only one, already put on hold for a client faster than me. Desperation set in, and I started to make phone calls to find my fragrance. After about two hours, the nice lady from the shop called with the news that they have another available. So, at noon, I had my hands on this little gem. I also want to thank Obsentum for the great service and for making me a happy customer.

Before buying it, I only tried it twice, once on a paper blotter and once on my skin, and despite the mask wearing and hidden smelling, I knew this one is a great fragrance and I had to have it.

The fragrance is great, one of By Kilian’s best fragrances, in my opinion, and maybe the best fragrance launch of the year, when it comes to fragrances available world wide.

This one is a boozy gourmand liquor, sweet, but not intoxicating, that creates a story just from sniffing it.It is a sexy, decadent, provocative smell, that makes me think more of a Devil’s work, rather than an Angel. It doesn’t inspire anything innocent, but quite the contrary…only dirty thoughts cross my mind when wearing it, as I described in my unboxing video.

Starting with the iconic black box and golden letters, the bottle in shape of a whiskey crystal glass and the colour of the fragrances, that golden fried honey, the only word that comes to mind when describing it is elegance.

The composition is quite simple, if you look at the number of components…there are only seven, so perfectly blended and layered, that the overall effect is one of that heavy smell of a private boudoir after a night of passion.

The fragrance opens up with a single note of cognac, quickly followed by the middle notes of cinnamon, tonka beans and oak. At the first sniff is a bit boozy, that a bit spicy and than just sweet gourmand. All this are perfectly blended with a base layer of prailines, vanilla and sandalwood. When it dries down, a powdery sweetness remains on the skin, reminding me of a bit of Baccart Rouge Extrait.

It is a perfect fragrance for a date. It makes me imagine ruffled sheets, a man’s white shirt, a glass of cognac in one hand and a cigar in the other, after a night of passion and love making. I think it is one of the most sexy fragrances there are on the market.

After an entire year of tuberose and jasmin fragrances, this one came as a total surprise. In my opinion, this one is the best launch of this year and it is definitely here to stay. Try it, because you won’t regret it.