Sugar baby love and vanilla

My Black Friday haul continues today with another nice fragrance, bought from Sephora Romania, which I became more and more of a fan. As I said in the Unboxing video, I’m a huge fan of their new marketing policy, going towards the international one, with lots and lots of samples and gifts for every buy and even just for visiting the shop. Since they reopen, after the emergency state ended, they offer weekly samples of the new launches in every shop visit. Also, if you want a certain sample and they give it to you, to try the fragrance at home, which is great. This is how I was convinced, last year, to buy After Sunset from Kylian. So, thank you Sephora!

Going back to this years’s Black Friday, I got on-line Vanilla 28 from Kayali. It a was a total blind buy, as I went into the shop to try it, after placing the order, only to find out that the fragrances are available only online. So, I waited patiently for the package to arrive and another week until I got to make the unboxing video. Being Black Friday, I got the fragrance at a fair price, about 40-50 dollars, which it is a good price for the quality of the fragrance.

As the name says, Vanilla 28 is a #vanilla fragrance, #gourmand, linear, medium silage and medium lasting on the skin.

As listed, notes are Vanilla Orchid, Jasmine on top, followed by Brown Sugar and Tonka Bean, all layered on a base of Amber, Musk, Amberwood and Patchouli.

From the ones listed, you can definitely feel the Vanilla, the Brown Sugar, the Tonka Beans and the Amber. Although the vanilla is listed as a top note, it lasts and lasts all the way to the disappearance of the fragrance from the skin. If you love vanilla, this a great choice. It is not easy to wear, as vanilla may be a bit nauseating and overwhelming. It smells like a pastry shop in Paris, in the morning, like the vanilla sugar we put in cake batter, like a chocolate croissant with a cup of hot chocolate in the morning. It smells like the childhood use to smell, in the Christmas morning…it smells like love, comfort and family.

It is a youngish #fragrance, suited for a young, active little lady, for all day wear and for all season wear, maybe at the beach, in the park or in the evening, when one goes dancing. It is not a formal fragrance, not pretentious, not statement, just cute and playful.

All in all, if you want a walk down memory lane, if you want an explosion of childhood memories and feelings, or if you are into #vanilla allover, this is a nice fragrance, perfect for you.