Music to my nose

As I said in my previous posts and videos, from time to time, I become obsessed with certain fragrance notes and I search for the perfect one in every fragrance that I can get my hands on. This days, my new obsession is cannabis in fragrances. As November was filled with Black Friday offers every day, I got the chance to get most of what I had on my list with significant discounts.

That was the case with the one I’m going to write about below. I have had my eyes on Replica for quite some time now, hand’t had the chance to try them , just read about them. I was very curious about the big hype with By the fireplace, which is a great fragrance and I totally get the fame, and I was curious about Music Festival, another cannabis scented fragrance.

I got the two vials of ten mililiters from Notino after a real ordeal, because they appeared available and when I was placing the order, error…it took me about four hours to place the order, but it was worth it, especially because I payed about 20 euros each, which is a great price.

Replica fragrances are not that new to the market. They been around for ten years now, but, for some reason, I never got the chance to try them, because they are not available in my regular fragrance shops.

Music Festival was launched in 2017, and as the label on the box says, it is a tribute to Woodstock festival from 1969. Although it is described as an unisex fragrance, I find it more suited for a man, because is a bit strong and overpowering.

Notes listed are: cannabis, red apple, violet leaf, followed in the middle by patchouli, tobacco, incense, all layered on a base of leather, cypress and cedar.

When applied, it opens up a bit fresh, green, spicy, but it quickly becomes sweet and smokey, and with a hint of oriental balsam.

As I said in the unboxing video, it doesn’t smell like fresh cannabis, more like a burning cigarette with tobacco and cannabis, in a tent where incense and inhibitions are burned to dust. I’m glad that I cannot feel the red apple, as I don’t like apple scent in fragrances or cosmetics. I can feel the leather, and I really like it, because is soft and it adds just the right amount of depth, along with the patchouli and cedar. Sometimes, the leather can be a bit overwhelming and nauseating, but this is really not the case. It also has a bit of a vintage vibe, a vintage brought to modern times and this makes it very interesting.

I say it is mostly a manly fragrance because, from the first sniff, I have had in my mind the picture of a man dressed in a blue polo t-shirt, with white trousers, and a white cardigan, at the seaside, a little tan, wind in his hair and the sun setting at the horizon. I now it’s a cliché, but that was my first impression of this fragrance. I actually cannot picture the fragrance at a music festival because I find it way to precious and pretentious.

Because the fragrance is an Eau de toilette version, I would say it is medium lasting and it requires reapplying through the day, but the sillage is great on this one. If you are a in a search for a statement fragrance, not very expensive, but special, this one is a very inspired choice.