Baby, it’s cold outside

And that is why I decided to stand By the Fireplace … actually, under the covers, with Maison Margiela’s famous fragrance. I got it from Notino, on Black Friday, and I was only able to get my hand on a 10 ml size, after four hours of repeatedly trying to place an order, due to high demand.

Ten days ago I have been diagnosed with Covid 19, and the same day I have lost my sense of smell, which was strange and frustrating for me. The last fragrance I have smelled before losing my sense of smell was By the Fireplace and every day, for the last ten days, this fragrance was my everyday test for the smell. The unboxing video was filmed back than so there is a possibility that that description is more accurate than this text. Three days ago, I have faintly started to feel it again, first the sweetness in it and today almost every note I have felt before. I still cannot feel bug spray, for example, but this is ok, as I an not planning to review it anytime soon.

I am usually curious about the hype created around some fragrances and, sometimes, I’m disappointed. This was not the case with By the Fireplace. The hype is real, the fragrance is great. It is sweet and warm, it is comforting and creamy, a bit woody, a bit gourmand, a bit smokey…a bit of everything. It is a perfect fragrance for cold days. I imagined wearing it in a mountain cabin, after a day on the slopes and in the snow, with a warm cup of hot chocolate and in front of a fire. It is sexy comforting, not provocative, and gives the comfort and warmth a pair of socks gives on cold feet.

Notes, as listed, are: Cloves, pink pepper, orange blossom, followed by chestnut, guaiac wood and juniper, all layered on a combination of vanilla, peru balsam and cashmeran.

Sometimes, in some combination, I find the pink pepper to be disturbing, especially because I have some allergies and I sneeze a lot, but in By the Fireplace, the pink pepper is very discreet and ads just a little spice, that you can hardly perceive. It has a bit of a sweet smokiness, the wrapping all around type of smokiness, that warms the nostrils.

I find this fragrance suited for both men and women, older than thirty and casual chic type of persons. I also find it quite perfect for both work and leisure, as it is not a nauseating gourmand.

If you are into gourmand woody fragrance, than this one is the perfect choice, and with the 10 m vial you cannot go wrong.