When it comes to fragrances, it is not ok to have prejudices

… or so I have learned throughout my fragrance journey.

This post is about a Romanian company that sells fragrances and cosmetics through it’s own brand. My Gheisa, despite the name, sells arabian fragrances, produced in Unite Arab Emirates, and the contradiction between the brand and what they sell was the first reason I have avoided them until few months ago. The second reason was the the owners are two romanian former singers that had nothing in common with fragrance industry and they did not inspire quality to me.

The brand grew famous very fast in Romania, having 23 or 24 shops here and one just opened in Vienna. They won lots of customers through marketing campaigns because at every new shop open, they offer free samples of perfumed oil, otherwise priced at about 10 dollars for one millilitre, free gifts for the first 50 customers and different discounts. I went to one of their openings and got two free vials of oud and jasmin perfumed oil, which I really liked. Also, I had the chance tot smell some of the fragrances they sell, and for Black Friday, I decided to buy one fragrance.

As I said in previous posts, I’m in the cannabis scented fragrances stage in my life, so I have tried everything available on the market.

So I decided to buy Cannabis eau de parfum, which is a bit overpriced, as all their fragrances are, not really being worthy of the money they charge. I got with a 25% discount, which made it a it more decent. As far as I could tell, this is the best sold fragrance they have, it is rarely available and mostly only with preorder. I took about 3 weeks to get it.

I was a bit disappointed when I got it, because they do not offer any goodies when delivered, which is very important to me, as a buyer, but the packaging was nice, whit attention to the details.Fo the unboxing and video review, you can click here.

Cannabis is produced in UAE, as I said, and it does have that well known and recognized oriental vibe.

Notes listed are: green notes on top, woody notes, coffee, tobacco in the middle and agarwood and incense on the base.

Although it is listed as a unixes fragrance, I would say it is much closer to a man’s fragrance than a woman, but it only depends on one’s taste, in the end.

The fragrance opens up very green, fresh, like a men’s fragrance, and it quickly becomes heavier and softer on the green notes and stronger on the woody ones. From the for fragrances that have cannabis listed as notes that I have tried until now, this one smells like fresh-green cannabis, with tobacco, coffee and incense. It smells a bit decadent and it really reminds me of my trip few years back in San Francisco, in a shady hotel, where I felt cannabis everywhere I turned my nose.

Cannabis is a nice fragrance, sweet, green, woody, not overwhelming or nauseating, not for every taste, but not wow or unique. I find it suited for all season wear, maybe for a mature person, because is not that youngish. It is a bit linear, but it has a good sillage and it is long lasting. It is great for everyday wear, but nearly a statement or a signature scent.

The conclusion of this post is that one should not have prejudices about fragrances, because one can find good fragrances everywhere.