My Geisha perfume oils

As I said in my previous post, when it comes to fragrances, it is not ok to have prejudice. And the other hand, it is ok to question the origin of one fragrance, the components and the marketing.

My Geisha is a Romanian brand, that sells cosmetics and perfumes produced mostly in Asia. The fragrances sold are produced and imported from UAE, under the My Geisha brand, having nothing in common with the name. But I will not say that much about their marketing style, which lacks logic, but works on the Romanian market, as they have 25 shops all around the country.

I will start with the negatives in this review, and the most disturbing aspect is the price, way too high for the quality. Than, the concept mix is totally wrong, as the name of the brand is Japanese and the fragrances arabic and smelling like oriental fragrances. Than the service, both online and in shops. The e-mail I received from their customer care is full of misspellings and grammar mistakes, which for me are a big NO. Than, in shops, they sample perfumed oils on blotters, another big mistake.

On the positive side, they smell nice, are very long lasting and have a good sillage and they use real oud, as they say.

I own three small vials of perfumed oil, as described in the video.

My favourite is Oud, which is a strong but sweet one, not heavy or overwhelming, not smokey or chocking. The components, as listed, are Base notes: oud, amber, tobacco, incense and Middle notes: vanilla, caramel, sandalwood, orris, leather. I can feel the oud, the amber, the tobacco, the incense and the leather. It is a good mix, a linear one, but it is an oil, so I do not expect an evolution from it. I also get a hint of sandalwood, and the sweetness that I get is a combination of vanilla, caramel and amber, that I cannot really perceive separately. It is a nice oud, unisex, perfect for the winter, and great for layering with other fragrances, to enhance or add some woodsy notes. As I have only a 1 ml vial, the cost for this one is acceptable, but, otherwise, they are way to expensive.

Jasmine is the second one I have from this brand, again another perfumed oil in a 1ml vial. This one has Top notes: floral notes, Middle notes: Jasmin, Patchouli, Base notes: Jasmin, Musk. This one, even though is not bad, is very artificial, smelling like plastic with a hint of flowers. The jasmin is not that strong or impressive, is more like white flowers, not very distinguishable with a little musk, and no patchouli what so ever. It smells like a bar of jasmin scented hand soap, nice for summer, but nothing special or appealing. It is not very strong when it comes to sillage, and it is medium lasting. I think mixed with a scentless cream would make a nice body lotion or hand cream, but that is about it.

Sakura, the third one I own, a Japanese named fragrance, produced in UAE and sold in Romania J. it is one of the best sellers from this brand. I was very curious about it so I got a 1 ml perfumed oil vial as a blind buy, expecting an explosion of cherry blossom. The notes are, as listed, Top notes: Fresh flower notes, Cherry Flowers, Middle notes: sweet fruits, rose and Base notes: patchouli, musk.

This is not a bat fragrance, if you are into flowers and discretion. It is delicate, not cherry blossom delicate, but exotic fruits salad delicate. It is sweet, a bit gourmand, can’t really individualise or separate the notes, doesn’t evolve much, not the greatest sillage also. This one makes great body perfume for the summer, maybe as a base on which you add some real perfume. It almost smell like dried cherries with some mango juice, or like a box of dried fruits you put on a cake.

In the video, I have forgotten to talk about Powder, another fragrance from My Geisha, one that I have only sampled in shop. That one has Iris and Musk on top, Vanilla in the middle, and Saffron as a base. As far as I can remember, it was, as the name states, a chocking, very heavy powder, smokey as hell. It was like Putain de Palaces set on fire and put in an unwashed ashtray. I love powdery notes, I adore them but this one is very very oriental heavy. I think it could be appealing to some, but not for me, unfortunately, as I never say no to powders. From that one, I could only identify the musk and the saffron, but in somewhat disturbing combination.

All in all, I will not dismiss the brand, mainly because I find use for any fragrance, but I’m not recommending blind buys or gifting fragrances from this brand, because they are definitely not all taste fragrances or easy to wear.