May the Oud Save Us All

During my Covid-19 isolation, I have received a package with a fragrance I wanted for quite some time. As my sense of smell and taste were gone, the wait was an ordeal for me, and when I got them back, I made a little obsession with Atkinson’s Oud Save the Queen. For the last two weeks of 2020 and for New Year’s Eve, Oud Save the Queen has been my signature scent. I got this one from Esente de Lux, a Romanian fragrance provider that I love.

Oud Save the Queen was launched back in 2013, and it belongs to The Oud Collection from Atkinson, along with His Majesty the Oud, Oud Save the King, Her Majesty the Oud, The Other Side of Oud.

Oud Save the Queen is the perfect oud fragrance for me, having a little bit of everything: wood, sweet, gourmand, strong, sexy, overwhelming in a good way, intense, seductive and utterly mesmerising. It is not harsh, smokey or chocking.

The notes, as listed, are: in the top – earl grey tea, clove, bergamot, in the middle – jasmine, orange blossom, and on the base – agarwood, tonka bean, guaiac wood.

Oud Save the Queen is not an average oud fragrance, because, although present in the name, the oud is somewhat discreet and not dominant in the composition.

It really opens up with tea and clove, and than you can feel how the jasmin and orange blossom surfaces, all of them easily settling down on a layer of sweet oud. It is a tridimensional fragrance, that evolves from a few seconds of spiciness to a creamy sweet oud veil, with the tonka bean sweetness being very present.

Although it is a very strong fragrance, it is not nauseating, chocking or disturbing. More likely, it is a saviour, a game changer, a statement fragrance, one that makes a difference from an average apparition to a wow one. It is an empowering fragrance, a game changer, a signature scent for a strong, determined woman, that doesn’t get overwhelmed by life. It is the perfect winter fragrance and the perfect job scent, if you are not afraid of being in the centre of attention. It is a “world revolves around you” type of fragrance, and one has to be able to tame it or, otherwise, it will own you and make you invisible. When I wear it, it is always a struggle to act and rise at it’s level, as my personality should overcome it’s personality. It is the type of fragrance that fills a room and lives a trace of sexiness and power wherever you walk. It has great sillage and is more than long lasting, being more than worthy of the niche label and being a little bit affordable than many other oud fragrances.

I think it is pretty clear that I love this fragrance and I recommend it to everyone who likes sweet oud. I also recommend it to the ones that are sceptical about oud, because you might discover the oud’s greatness in this one. If you want to see more about this fragrance, you can also watch my video. And don’t blind buy. Try it first, see how you get along and than make a decision.