Let’s Adult

My last Black Friday buy from 2020 was another obsession of mine, Adults by Kilian. The fragrance was launched in 2018 and it belongs to My Kind of Love collection, a line of more affordable fragrances from by Kilian, but still with the same performances and qualities like other niche fragrances that Kilian has. I got the fragrance from my loved Sephora, along with some nice goodies that you can see in the unboxing video. at a fantastic price for the 100 ml version.

Let’s settle this arguments like Adults, in the bedroom, naked was not my first choice from this collection, but only my fourth. At some point in my olfactive journey, I became obsessed with fig notes, and this one has a very strong fig nectar note in the middle.

The notes, as listed are: bergamot and lemon in the top, fig nectar, green notes and hedione in the middle, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, violet, orris, amberwood in the base.

When sprayed, it opens up with a lemony-fresh note, followed by a sweet creamy fig nectar, and than by vanilla, sandalwood and amberwood.

It is one of the most creamy fragrances I have encountered, with a beautiful development on the skin, great sillage and very long lasting. Still, it is quite linear, but if you love the sweet fig, this is perfect, because the sweetness lingers on the skin.

Although the name is audacious, the fragrance is very elegant, seductive and sexy, not a bit vulgar. I find it suited for cold weather, for every day wear, at the office or for leisure, because it has a certain warmth to it. It is quite a mature fragrance, unixes but I find it more appropriate for women that like strong scents than for men.

If you are looking for a fig fragrance, one that smells like the fruit, not the fig leaves, that this one is a perfect choice, at a very good price for the high quality. If you are certain that you love fig, than this is a safe blind buy. If you are not familiar with fig in fragrances, than I advise you to try it on before buying, because it is not an all taste perfume.