To Musk or not to Musk

Although I was sure I was not going to write about another My Geisha fragrance, today I got as a gift from a dear friend another of their aromas, Musk – Huile de Parfum.

My Geisha is a Romanian perfumery and cosmetics shop, that sells, under its own brand, fragrances produced in the UAE. Although, between perfume lovers and conaisseurs, My Geisha doesn’t have a good reputation, on the market it is very famous and has record selling.

I did not know Musk until today and, as I said about other aromas I have tried from them, when it comes to fragrances, it is not ok to be prejudiced.

Again, I will start the article with what I do not like about the brand: I don’t like the contradiction between the name and the fragrances sold – Japanese name and Arabian perfumes and oils. I also don’t like their prices, as they are way to expensive for what they sell. Another problem is that there are not many information available about the products, where are exactly produced and what their ingredients are. Also, the overall marketing (boxes, bottles etc) is a bit kitschy.

What I like are some of the fragrances the brand sells, because some of them are quite nice. Musk is in the nice cathegory, from my point of view. Another problem I just saw is that Musk – perfumed oil, doesn’t have Musk in it, between the notes. As listed on the website, the top notes are: vanilla, white flowers, lillac. Middle notes are: patchouli, santal, coconut and base notes: woody notes with amber.

That being written, I have to say the aroma is not bad. It’s a bit common, but not bad at all. Although it is a perfumed oil, the sillage is good, and being an Arabian product, it is very long lasting.

It is a linear aroma, but most of perfumed oils are, so it is not something special. The notes are blended well, but the sad part is that I cannot feel them separately. It is just a sweet-powdery mix, with no musk in it. It is nice on the skin, as a body perfume, not a signature one or not a “fill the room” fragrance what so ever.

I think it is more suitable for a combo/layering with some other fragrance, in order to combine the notes and enhance each other. I actually tried to layer it with a musk base – Musk Noir -from Trussardi La Vie di Milano collection, and the result is quite nice, transforming the raw musk in a sweet-powdery musk. More about this one in the video.

If you want a pure musk, than My Geisha Musk is not the one. If you want a nice, floral-sweet-delicate oil, than this one is really a good choice. I recommend it for all ages, although I find it a bit youngish, and for everyday wear, all season fragrance and all activity. If you want a statement fragrance, than Musk it is not the one. If you want a delicate fragrance, intimate and one that is close to your nose and skin, than this one is a good choice. Although, for the price of this one, you can find other products much better when it comes to quality. What I want to say is don’t dismiss it form the beginning, give it a try and don’t listen to others opinions, if you really like this brand.