Strawerry and roses in the winter

If you are a reader of this blog, you already know that most of my fragrance purchases are blind buys. It is enough for me to read about the notes that a fragrance has to be quite certain I will love the perfume.

Also, it is very difficult for me to pass with indifference when I see a good deal. That was the case with Ajmal I from the Gold Collection. If the retail price for this one is 83 euro, I found it at 38 euro, after the winter holidays, in a promotion at Best Value. I have to say that the price was what convinced me to get this one.

Ajmal Gold Collection is dedicated to travel retail and it is not available outside airports so it was very difficult to find information about this one online. Moreover, this is my first Ajmal, as I’m not that fond of Arabian scents and fragrances, with some exceptions.

Notes found online on Best Value sound very interesting, and I love each of them. It opens with plum and strawberries, followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose and geranium, layered on a base of patchouli and amber.

It opens up sweet, with the riped plum scent, stronger than the strawberry for my nose, followed by jasmine and rose, another sweet layer, and then, a veil of amber sets in, giving it creaminess and depth.

For first impressions and unboxing, you can watch the video on my youtube channel.


It is a strong fragrance, sweet, with an oriental vibe, that makes me think of a colorful fruit market in an Arabic country, in the summer, with loud noises, music, and agitation allover.

I also get the vibe of Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose&Oud, but sweeter from the fruits.

It has great projection and it is very long-lasting. Still, I advise against blind buy, unless you are certain you like roses and woody fragrances, as it is not an all taste or easy to wear fragrance. It is perfect for everyday wear, for work or usual activities. If you find a good offer, do not hesitate to try it on.