Calligraphy Rose

If I were to choose the perfect name for a fragrance, that would be it: Calligraphy Rose.

The fragrance by Aramis was first launched in 2013, and it was a hit. Nowadays is harder to find on the European market, and I would say it’s a shame because it is quite the perfect rose fragrance.

For me, this one was a blind buy, that I received during my covid sickness, and I had to wait until I was able to discover it, as my smell and taster were gone for few days. I knew I would like it, as one of my all-time favorite fragrances is Roses Berberanza from Maison Lancome. If you know and love that one, you will most certainly love Calligraphy Rose also. If Roses Berberanza is more gourmand and jammy, this one is more ambery oriental, but the same fragrance family.

This fragrance is exactly as the name describes it: elegant, cursive, embellished, balanced, with the notes flowing like the calligraphy writing does on a paper. And if I were to put it in colors, is like golden letters on a black thick cardboard paper, like a ball invitation.

Although the presentation is not very precious, I love the simple elegance and the mix of colors, red, gold and amber and I love the color of the fragrance, which makes me think of burning flames of amber in incense.

The perfume opens up with a jammy rose scent, from the top notes of Saffron, Oregano, Honeysuckle. The honeysuckle gives that jammy note, and then, a hint of oregano kicks in. The Turkish Rose is the star of this fragrance, which mixes with the top notes, creating a flowery sweet jammy rose, and with the base notes, creating an oriental rose ambery sweet fragrance. Is like two worlds of fragrances colliding in a bottle and creating a great fragrance.

The middle notes are Turkish Rose, Myrrh, Styrax, Lavender. The lavander is so delicate in this combination, wearable, as I cannot wear it still after I got sick from loving it too much. I ussually evoid lavander in fragrances, but here it is not distubing at all, because the myrhh surpasess it and gives it a bit of harshness.

The base notes are sweet also and give that oriental ambery vibe. The ambergris and musk, along with the olibanum and labdanum create a layer base that enhances the beauty and sweetness of the Turkish rose.

This one is a very strong fragrance, great sillage, and great performance on the skin. It is perfect for cold winter days and nights, but a bit too strong for work or crowded places. It is definitely a signature and a statement fragrance. If you want to hear more details about it, you can also check, where you can find my first impression of it, as it was a blind buy for me.

It is also a very affordable fragrance, and it could easily surpass many more expensive niche fragrances, in terms of smell and performance. If you are into strong rose scented fragrances, this is a perfect choice.