Ancient royalty in a spray

For a fragrance collector, there are some iconic perfumes one should own, even if one has mixed feelings about them.

That is the case for me when it comes to Alexandria II from Xerjoff. Xerjoff is one of my favorite houses. But when it comes to Alexandria II, I have to admit that I have hesitated before buying it, for a long time. My hesitation has nothing to do whit the quality of the fragrance, but more with my tastes in perfumery. For more than a year, I have tried it, and smelled it, and read about it to find hidden clues, and, after the new year, I decided to buy it. My first impressions of the bottle are here.

First of all, Alexandria II is a masterpiece. Very dense, very well blended, creamy, woody, soft, mature, and great technical qualities.

It opens up with an explosion of creamy lavender oil, and some spiciness from the cinnamon, again creamy and oily. Quickly, it becomes woody, and a bit sweet, from sandalwood, amber, and vanilla. The roseoud on top, followed by cedar in the middle and agaroud in the base make the fragrance strong, a bit harsh, and a bit oriental. Another thing I love about this one is that I think it is the definition for unixes fragrance. It is perfectly balanced, and the notes very well blended as nothing tilts the scale towards women or men.

I have to say that writing this article took me more than a week, and after trying it on a few times it grew on me, and I have to say I’m starting to appreciate it more and more. It is also perfect for cold weather, and for all sorts of activities, except sports. Although it is strong, it is also great for office work, as it is not disturbing, choking, or nauseating.

All in all, a great fragrance for collectors and powerful fragrances. Still, based on my experience, I would advise against blind buys. Despite its success, it is a fragrance that is not for everyone, and I think is better to get acquainted before buying.

Still, give it a try, because this is one fragrance that passes the test of time.